Fighting For An Emergency Department in Rouse Hill Hospital

Fighting For An Emergency Department in Rouse Hill Hospital Main Image

The population of Northwest Sydney is surging, and it’s not sustainable to keep putting more and more emergency pressure on Blacktown and Westmead Hospital.

This is why I initiated and led a strong community driven campaign for an Emergency Department at Rouse Hill Hospital. This is fundamentally about planning for our future.

As a result of our campaign and the media investigations we arranged, the NSW Government panicked and reversed course, and now agree there will be an emergency Department. 

This important win could not have been achieved without the support of residents, and the 2,567 signatures that we collected.

The NSW Liberals have broken promises to the people of Western Sydney before, so we need to ensure this Emergency Department is built and resourced properly.

With your support, I will continue fighting to ensure this emergency department has the capability and capacity that Western Sydney deserves, and will not stop until that outcome is delivered.

That’s my promise to you.