Our Cheaper Energy Plan

Cost of living is an important topic for many Australians right now.

Labor has a plan to make energy more affordable by modernising the transmission grid to bring cheaper and cleaner energy into the system.

Independent modelling by respected energy economists has found our policy will reduce power bills for families by $275 a year by 2025, compared to the path we are on.

Alongside the economic benefits, our plan will reduce Australia’s emissions by 43 per cent by 2030.

The policy has been designed to protect the competitiveness of trade exposed industries by ensuring they will not face a greater constraint than overseas competitors.

Cheaper energy is not just good for Western Sydney households - it’s good for small business and manufacturers in our community too.

Our plan will support the broader priorities of an Albanese Labor government to invest in local manufacturing to ensure more essential goods are made here.

If we can produce more goods and energy here in Australia, it can help us be less exposed to global supply chains and imported inflation shocks.

You can find more information about our energy policy here, and the independent modelling can be found here.

By implementing policies that make a meaningful difference, we can build a better future.