03 April 2019

After six years of cuts and chaos, the Liberals have handed down their sixth Budget, under their third Treasurer, and have locked in cuts that hurt our local community.

This Liberal Budget:

  • Fails to reverse their $22.7 million cuts to local Greenway schools.
  • Fails to reverse their $2.2 billion cuts to Australian universities.
  • Fails to reverse their $5.66 million cuts to Blacktown and Mt Druitt hospitals.
  • Fails to reverse the $41,000 cut to Riverstone Neighbourhood Centre & Community Aid.
  • Does not deliver subsidised childcare for three year olds, and
  • Is propped up by neglecting and underspending on the NDIS by $1.6 billion.

Under the Scott Morrison, the economy is not working for the hardworking people of Western Sydney and the Liberals have the wrong priorities.

Everything is going up except people’s wages, and yet the Liberals have still cut the penalty rates of local workers. 

It has taken six years of government and just six weeks until the Federal Election for the Morrison Government to even acknowledge commuter parking is an issue, and their sudden discovery of its importance gives the community no confidence that they can or will deliver.  

If elected, a Federal Labor Government will:

  • Deliver an extra $22.7 million to local Greenway schools.
  • Reverse the $5.66 million cut to Blacktown and Mt Druitt Hospitals, and end the Medicare freeze.
  • Deliver subsidised childcare for three year olds.
  • Invest in cheaper, cleaner energy to deliver 50 per cent of power from renewables by 2030.
  • Increase commuter parking locally, with $8 million committed to expand parking at Quakers Hill Station alongside the successful community campaign to expand commuter parking at Schofields Station.  
  • Provide grants of up to $25,000 for Community Language Schools to give more children the opportunity to learn a second language.

This chaotic Liberal Government has presided over six years of dysfunction, chaos and inaction, while the priorities of our area have fallen behind.

The residents of Greenway deserve a government that is focused on the future of our region and our quality of life.

I am part of Labor team that has announced forward-looking policies to prioritise education, health and improving wages for hardworking locals.

Only a Labor Government will deliver a fair go for Western and North West Sydney.