We Want To Hear From You

Grantham Farm residents -- we want to hear from you. 

I’m reaching out to the residents in Grantham Farm because we’re working on some value-adding initiatives in the suburb, and nobody knows what Grantham Farm needs more than the people who live there. 

What is Grantham Farm missing? How can we make the local community amenities better?

From planting more trees to building a playground, you can tell us what Grantham Farm needs through the survey below.

I very much look forward to reading your responses and making Grantham Farm an even better place to live. 

As always, if there is anything I can do for you, your family, or our community, please contact me on 02 9671 4780 or at [email protected].

Yours sincerely

Michelle Rowland MP
Minister for Communications
Federal Member for Greenway