04 May 2015


We often have the opportunity as members in this place to rise and pay tribute to outstanding individuals in our communities who do so much—all out of goodness—for their local areas, and who lend their talents for free. And that is why there is such a void when they are no longer with us. It is for that reason I wish to mention the passing of Maureen Mackey on 10 February.

How saddened we are to lose Maureen, who was the longtime treasurer of the Blacktown Workers Club. Being Treasurer of the Blacktown Workers Club is no mean feat. The club has substantial assets, significant cash, a large workforce and is probably one of the single biggest employers in Blacktown. Maureen was a role model to all around her. She was frank and fearless in her opinions, but she was also one of the most gentle and experienced people I have ever met. When we bumped into each other, she would always ask me about my family. She would greet me with a gentle kiss, and I know that it was exactly the same as the way that she would treat ordinary members of the club who she would see on a regular basis. She was also a driving force behind the Blacktown Workers Club, not only its expansion but also its drive to be more reflective of the changing demographics of Blacktown—reaching out to Filipino, Indian and Chinese communities to become members and to become active in the club lifestyle and everything that it had to offer; everything from sporting to recreation to dining. I really commend her for that.

Being Treasurer of the club is no mean feat. I think that Maureen was a person of tremendous honesty and integrity, as diligent as the day was long. She was passionate about her club and her community. She was one of the loveliest people you could ever meet. It was no surprise that she was consistently re-elected as a director of the Blacktown Workers Club for as long as I can remember. As the public eulogy from the Blacktown Workers Club reads, Maureen was known for her avid participation in indoor and outdoor bowls; she served on many sporting committees; and she was a member of Blacktown Council's sister cities committee. She loved her bingo, she loved the weekly Saturday shows with the champagne, and she had a wonderful passion for Blacktown, and for the Blacktown Workers Club and all its staff. She was particularly noteworthy for her participation in the clubs grants process, and that just highlighted her commitment to the community. I send my deepest condolences to Maureen's family; to Kay Kelly, President; to Neale Vaughan, General Manager; and to the NSW clubs sector, all the board and management, and all the staff. Maureen Mackey: may you rest in peace.