20 September 2017

There have been an overwhelming number of responses to the recent NSW Commuter Car Parking Inquiry from residents in the Greenway electorate, with over 45% of all submissions originating from its suburbs.

The inability to access parking causes daily frustration for local residents who commute using public transport. 

An analysis of public information about the inquiry shows 45.7% of the responses received across the whole of NSW were from the seat of Greenway, including the suburbs of Riverstone, Glenwood, Quakers Hill, Schofields, The Ponds, Stanhope Gardens and Seven Hills.

This response clearly shows the urgent need for action to tackle ongoing commuter parking issues in North West Sydney.

The train stations within the Greenway Electorate service a rapidly expanding population, including communities in The Ponds, Schofields and Riverstone, and these train stations are only becoming more crowded.

The concerns raised by Greenway residents in their submissions include:

-       A chronic lack of parking spaces which are filled by 7am, with residents having to walk long distances from cars to stations.

-       Concerns for safety due to lack of parking. Commuters are forced to park in dangerous places, or be dropped off increasing the amount of congestion on surrounding streets.

-       Concerns with personal safety, with some residents forced to walk back to cars parked more than 10 minutes from the station without any lighting.

-       Disabled access commuter parking reaching capacity at alarming rates, with no other parking available once filled.

-       Bus services not aligning with train timetables, causing frustration for residents who end up missing their train.

A major concern expressed across the board is that this issue is worsening. The community is growing at a rapid rate and the current Liberal Government is yet to provide a meaningful solution to the problem.

“Commuter car parking is one of the single biggest issues raised with me by local residents. I have seen firsthand how quickly local train station carparks fill up every day,” Ms Rowland said. 

“Train stations in Greenway are experiencing increasing patronage every year and yet there is still a clear lack of parking,” Ms Rowland said. 

“I urge the NSW Government to heed the clear concerns raised to this inquiry by Greenway residents and work on urgent solutions to the commuter car parking shortage,” Ms Rowland said.

“I will continue to advocate for my constituents who commute using public transport, ensuring they are not deterred by the inability to find parking,” Ms Rowland said.